Relaunching The Franchise

Sadly, I have not been able to work on the franchise as I had hoped. I’ve been working a lot and therefore unable to devote much time to the franchise. I’m still at the stage of locating an editor. I did find out that there are advantages to finding an editor that may specialize in a particular genre. I think I prefer to have an editor that is more familiar with fantasy. My thought is they would a better understand about the story I am telling.

I have to figure out how to get motivated to continue my progress. The next step for me is to contact the editing resource to contract an editor. I know the agency – EFA in the Dallas area. My goal is to by Wednesday contact them to locate an editor that specializes in fantasy.

In the meantime, as I write this blog, I also plan as a part of staying motivated is to write the numerous other blog stories that I have in mind. As I’ve heard it said, no stories will be read if they aren’t given a voice. The main focus is the franchise, but sharing the other ideas help.

I am sure other writers face similar challenges. So if you do, then feel free to share or hope this blog provides some acknowledgement that the struggle is real and you are not alone.

Next blog, later in the week, will have some progress to share, particularly I have located an editor.

Relaunching the franchise

Sadly, here I am in May and I haven’t selected an editor yet. I am clearly behind schedule. This is the first time in over a week I have had the time to blog. Sadly as well, I haven’t even had time to create music or videos. Ideas still run ramped. There are so many ideas I have. Finding the time is the challenge. 

Imagine having ideas to create, but because of your day job,, the motivation to implement the ideas is a challenge. 

What if I could create a reasonable schedule ensuring my call to actions; my franchise will be published as planned and creativity at least the motivation rises. 

Let’s say I create one call to action a week. I therefore make the publishing of the series somewhat flexible. 

The great thing about this process is I have the flexibility to change it. Adding to this new schedule, I plan on producing one new piece of music a week. This significantly relieves the pressure of completing call to actions and all other tasks related to my creativity. 

I’ll blog the update next week. 

Relaunch Franchise

Now that the franchise plan is almost complete, I thought I would take a moment to reread and redo the last version of the original Lorenz Traveling Diaries – Worlds.

The original was from the first person’s perspective.  I have decided to change the perspective to 3rd person and present day. Why? I think it will help enhance the reading experience.

I don’t think changing the perspective will have a great deal of impact on the experience. What I would like is for the reader to engage with his/her imagination. For those who have played and experienced Dungeons and Dragons, this series will be like playing that incredible game.

Where am I now? I am slowly writing or rewriting the first book – Lorenz Traveling Diaries- Worlds. Also asking questions to determine the editor. Questions such as ” Does it matter if the editor specializes in a particular genre? After speaking with a  couple of editors from a group (“I Made It Marketing Success Group”) So my goal is find an editor that has expertise with fantasy genres. I think this might be a plus.

The challenging part of this process is being I have to work. Finding time and energy ensuring a good level of creativity is important also.

The next step is to locate an editor, have them review the current version and get an estimate of how the current version should be changed. For example, when talking about the relationship with Lorenz’ aunt and brother, change the severity of that relationship. This could change the price.

As far as the budget is concerned, I will plan on $1000 for editing. I will contact the artist to consider keeping the same cover or modifying it. The typesetting , the artist has agreed to do it which is surprising. His concern is to make sure it’s good. I also have ISBNs available for the series.  This isn’t going to cost much.

I have a couple of days that I can focus on rewriting the story a bit. Let’s get going!


Having published including self published several books, this blog will provide the building blocks for not only publishing a book successfully, but all of the action items required to build your brand leading to successful sales.

We start off the blog this week discussing answering valuable questions as you build your plan. I am relaunching a franchise I started years ago. That post (Relaunching my franchise) is available on this website. The blogs includes the publishing plan I created for the franchise.

So, with that said, a few questions that MUST be answered BEFORE the book is not finished writing. The more you have prepared before the book is finished and ready for editing, not only will the costs be lower, but you will have given your book the best chance to be successful.

First question:

What genre will your work be?

There are so many genre’s out there If you have chosen the genre, great. If not, make this decision pretty quickly as it will determine which road you take for your book. For instance one important factor will be your editing. As well, how your book is marketed will be a key factor.

What method of publishing will be used for the manuscript?

There are still a few basic types of publishing models. There are pros and cons to the different models all depending on what the author prefers. An author might choose one model over another depending on a number of factors including time; finances; resources and more. If you don’t know, look at which model might be best. One of the most important steps is to ensure there is significant time to publish your manuscript. Don’t rush to publish. Each model has it positives and challenges. One challenge of traditional publishing is getting an agent to represent your work and find a publisher that will accept the manuscript. The plus about traditional publishing is the resources particularly marketing available and potential additional profits. The challenge of for example self publishing is the time it takes and effort including marketing to sell. The plus is all profit is the authors. This artlcle is a resource to help.

When do you want the manuscript to be published?

This is a very tough question. It all depends at the end, there is an article that can provide an idea. Bottom line it depends on a number of factors. How long it takes to get your manuscript edited; the cover; and more. It’s better to set the launch date further out rather than sooner. One must ask, why to set the launch date sooner rather than later? Select a date that allows for time to get all action items completed. Get your ducks in order. This includes a good launch date promotion plan. If you are traditionally publishing, the agent and other resources will likely have that in order.

There is a budge for everything. I don’t think most writers think about creating a budget for every aspect of writing or publishing. Often in the beginning of my publishing experience, I would invest financially in a marketing idea without really evaluating or researching the idea. Finally after a while, I realized how much money I was investing without ROI (Return On Investment). Now it’s about evaluating and estimating the return before investing. For this reason, publishing can be very expensive.  There is even the option of “testing” the idea or investing on a “trial” basis before fully investing. This way you can determine the ROI before you fully invest determining if this is a good idea. 

Consider creating a budget for all aspects of publishing. Plan, push out the publish date to ensure the finances are available before investing fully. What can you afford? Be aware, traditional publishing doesn’t save that much. 


Next week, we continue the questions. If you have any questions, feel free to inquire.


Relaunch Franchise – developing the budget

I completed the writing assessment – asking a number of questions before focusing on the writing. The the hardest I think next step is developing the budget for all aspects of the series.

The last few days, outside of working my real job, I’ve been looking at the costs associated with self publishing. I found a good article that talked about the many resources out there to help with self publishing. Nothing yet on actual costs of getting the services.

So for editing, the internet says general costs are $1260 fo copyediting or  $5600.

Next step is to get costs for 5 book covers. The artist did indicate he would like to do the typesetting for the books.  This might possibly mean a discount.

Once I have developed a budget for editing, art, uploading to distribution services, then focus on marketing.

I don’t want to do what I did when I published my first book, spend money without a plan. When you are doing your first book, the focus is about getting that first book out. In this effort a lot is spent without a plan. Mistakes become costly.

This time around I have developed a plan. This journey will be different and the results, the Franchise will be different. I will finish it.

Next question to answer –

  • What type of cover would you like for this manuscript? 

Lorenz Traveling Diaries Franchise Long Term Plan

Launch date of franchise

January 5, 2020

To make this work total focus on the franchise


Is this a series?


How many books in the series?

Present Stories – 5

Past leading up to present – ?

Franchise story types





January 2020

Type of Publishing for franchise

self – publish

Decide on publishing service

Decide on Distribution

No budget developed yet


Editing- re edit first 2 in the series


Art – Look at covers for first 2

New cover for 3-5

New cover for comic

type of comic


TBD – stage one – type of videos


Social media marketing


Book Fair/Show 


Promotional material

Franchise material – bookmarks


Story cards(business cards)

Publishing (





KDP Select




Ages 8-1

March 2019

Begin writing plan for franchise

Write the journal every other day

Build the budget 

Look at average costs for all marketing services

Look at average costs associated with publishing

Build the time management plan

How much time do I have to devote to the franchise each day

After completion of each action item, evaluate it’s efficiency and effectiveness 

Relaunch Franchise Journal

The relaunching journey

I recently spoke with the artist who did the art work for the “Lorenz Traveling Diaries” franchise.  He suggested to revive this franchise idea. I thought why, recognizing the how difficult the publishing landscape is today. It is so competitive.

I decided to listen to his suggestion. In evaluating whether to do this again, I decided ask myself the same questions and create a plan I have suggested to many upcoming aspiring writers.

First question was “when would I want to launch this book?” First I had to ask myself, did I want to republish the first 2 books? I decided I would. So that meant re-editing. So the first step was to develop a plan. Part of that plan would have to be focusing totally on this franchise.

No other writing would be considered. And my music would take a backseat.

The next blog will step by step looking and developing my plan.

Those interested follow along with the journal of my relaunch. Maybe for those authors who are looking at publishing this might be of assistance. Knowing all I know about publishing journalling will help me make sure hopefully this relaunch is a success.