How does an author achieve publishing success?


First the author must ask, what is their OWN definition of success? What will it mean to be successful? Is it sales of their products? Is it building a brand? Is it becoming a speaker at book fairs? Once the definition of success has been determined, then the next step is to answer a few questions. It is vitally important before starting down the road to publishing, have a direction. Have it “mapped” out!


Publishing Questions

Have you thought about when do you want the manuscript published?

It’s important to have an idea of when you want it published. The reason: having a launch date and promotion plan.


Have you decided on the “method” of publishing? Will you self publish? publish traditionally? Does using a boutique or vanity publisher seem a match for your manuscript?

It’s important to know the method because of the costs associated with the method, but also control of manuscript rights, royalties and marketing.

Have you thought about a budget for publishing? Add to this, artwork, editing, and or typesetting?

It is important due to the possibility of spending a significant amount of money.

These are just 3 significantly important questions to consider when thinking about publishing a manuscript.

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