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We help new writers get off the ground, published writers market their books, and multimedia producers market their products.

We are professional coaches that help writers publish successfully!

Writing Strategy

Do you have profile sheets on your characters? Is your book outlined in sections? Do your chapters end with a hook?


Writing Schedules

Morning writer? Late night? What is your daily word count goal? What is your writing calendar goals for the upcoming weeks and months?

Marketing Money

Have you found an agent, or are you self-published? Determined the price of your book? What is your budget for marketing your book?

Marketing Plans

Have you started your social media for your book? What is your plan for local book signings? Have you booked speaking engagements to help with promotion?

Media Production

Have you branded all your social media? Do you have a social media plan? Do you need a book trailer? Have you put together your marketing media kit?

Creating Fans

Are you aggressively reaching potential readers of your book? Are you offering social media contests or specials to create raving fans? Are you soliciting positive reviews?

Your Coach

Darryl is a professional writer, who is familiar with writing, marketing, and multimedia.

Let Darryl help you grow Your business

Creating amazing content requires a very specialized skill that is the exact opposite of marketing. Allow Darryl to coach you through getting published and your products to the world.