Darryl Gregory, author pen name Draegon Grey, is CEO of Publishing Magic LLC. As a previous owner of a publishing company, he now focuses on coaching writers and aspiring writers navigate the now challenging road of publishing. Most importantly, he understands the publishing landscape resulting in saving time, money and increasing publishing success.


“The reason I got into this, was because I learned from first-hand experience of what doesn’t work and the investment loss learned. I want others to learn as well and become successful.”

Free 15 Minute Initial Overview

Let’s talk. I will provide a FREE 15-minute initial coaching or publishing assessment so that we can draft a plan to help you on your journey.

I can help you in one of three ways:

  • Coach you in finishing your book or manuscript,
  • Assess what your book needs to be successful, or
  • What plans must be developed for successful publishing, marketing and branding.

Coaching Hourly Rating

You may pre-buy hourly coaching packages. The more hours you buy, the less expensive it is, but in an order to help you stay on task, hours must be used during the time frame listed below.

  • $200 – $50 per hour / 4 hours within 30 days
  • $320 – $40 per hour / 8 hours within 60 days
  • $420 – $35 per hour / 12 hours within 90 days
  • $480 – $30 per hour / 16 hours within 120 days

Pre-Paid Coaching Rate

Note: For published authors, published new or another edition within 3-6 months, Darryl offers you an additional $15 off per hour due to the length of time.

Coaching Hourly Services


  • Owned a publishing company for 5 years
  • Written several books and comics
  • Attended several book shows, fairs, including the famous Comic-con in San Diego.
  • Experienced in preparing and setting up for book shows etc.
  • Presented numerous workshops on publishing and writing
  • Multimedia expert including making videos, music, podcasting, developing a radio station and music
  • Publishing marketing expert(frequently updates knowledge)
  • Creating publishing planning tools

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